Album: Full Metal Jacket (2011)

Song: Hornz Up ft. Zamp Hates

Bitrate: 160kbps

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This guy needs no introduction for he is the infamous singer of one of the most violent bands that ever existed...Fury of Five! But that's all behind him now...

Since the break up in 98, he has been creating music with a rap metal/hardcore band called Boxcutter and a (too short lived) band called Deep Rooted Hate.

With the big let down of Deep Rooted Hate ending so soon, he announced a retirement from blessing the mic for the masses. Then, one day, Mike King hit him up for a rap project and sent some tracks. He had worked with Mike and Tommy Hardcore before on a Hood Bully track called "Judgement Day." These new tracks were different, though. They were metal/hardcore in a solid hip hop format that really caught his attention. He agree to do it and thought long and hard about a name - only one came to mind and it fit perfectly...Full Metal Jacket.

-BTown Mike King-
Straight outta B-town (Bradenton,Fla), he was a forgotten child from a broken home, fathered by the streets and saw a way out through the only thing that moved him...MUSIC. Music and the family he formed became his only reasons to escape the hood that he was raised in.

As a young skater, he became hooked on the underground sound that came with the lifestyle and got into bands like Minor Threat, Slayer, NWA & Ghetto Boys - just to name a few. Then one day he picked up the guitar and he has been making music ever since. Playing in hard core bands, doing gangsta rap and going as far as making his own beats as Mob Justice Productions.

This all lead him to being a part of the brand new Pit Rap super group called Full Metal Jacket. Mr. King came a long way from the bottom and is doin' big thing in 2011

-Tommy Tonz-
A Dirty JerZ native now residing in Fla. He grew up the hard way in the streets of a small town called Union Beach where a life of crime was his only option - leading him into a gang lifestyle. As member of VBC, "Violent By Choice," he was led down a path of violence and drug dealing, but he forgot the main rule - Don't Get High On Your Own Supply. His whole life came to a screeching halt when he caught a case and a 3 year prison sentence in 2008. He served 15 months and was paroled in late 2009. With a desire to change his life, he chose music as a new direction and a way to alleviate the pains of the past. He sang in a number of local bands including Insulation (punk rock), Mystic Flo (fusecore) and rapped under the name Massive T. It wasn't until he moved to Fla that he met a musician from B-Town named Mike King and formed the rap group Hood Bully which brought him here to Full Metal Jacket - the new pit rap super group with Stikman (infamous singer of Fury of Five) and Mike King (Earned In Blood).

DISCLAIMER: Full Metal Jacket uses samples from various hardcore and metal songs (from time to time) to make our tracks. This is our way of paying homage to our roots. No profits will be made from any songs using samples from other bands and their albums. Credits will be included on songs that incorporate samples. All lyrical content is written by Full Metal Jacket.